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Candy arrives at Jada's house for a wrestling lesson. Jada has been wrestling a while now and Candy wants some training and tips. Candy enters and they introduce themselves to each other. Jada sets up the mats and they get ready to practise. All seems normal as Jada takes Candy through some basics, but it becomes increasingly clear that Candy may have ideas about groping Jada. At first Jada laughs her advances off, but it soon becomes clear that Jada is also interested in Candy and soon accepts the idea of groping Candy back. They free-style spar for a while and the action becomes very charged, the girls strip and the new challenge is to make to other girl cum. The action gets very heated now, Naked and panting the girls finger and lick each other determined to make the other girl cum. This is REALLY fucking sexy and it's a first time doing adult on films for both of these girls, neither of them have been with another girl before. This makes it unique, natural and highly charged, and you'd never guess this was a double first for both of them who prove the point that all girls love to compete and all girls seceretely lust after other girls.